My love for boxers began in 1989 with my first boxer, Kabar. For more that 10 1/2 years Kabar kept me on the right track of life. He was my running partner who made sure those 5 am run times were not missed. My alarm system would wake me up with a wet nose to my face as if he was saying, “Come on mom! It’s time to get up! Let’s go for a run!” He just loved our morning runs!!! Not only was he my workout partner he was my best friend. Without fail in “good times” or “bad times” , he would always make me smile with those dark brown eyes and that well known boxer wiggle. May 20, 2000 was a very sad day as he took the journey across “Rainbow Bridge”. He is now a wonderful memory and will remain close to my heart. He truly is missed.
Today Brian and I continue to share our love for boxers in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Sherwood, Oregon. Our boxers are considered our “FAMILY” and they live inside our home with us. They defiantly are a major part of our family! Brian has the tendency to say “Yes, they practically run our household! “  Well, I must admit they bring “life” to our home with their wonderful temperaments and their “ happy go lucky” attitudes. They are such characters to say the least.
Our mission is to make it a priority to breed healthy boxers by doing the necessary health testing. We want give each puppy the best health possible in hopes that our puppies live a long healthy lives so in return they can bring much happiness and companionship to others
(Photo courtesy of Catchn’ the Action)
Skylar and Brodie
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